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A Tumblr with no central theme except to share things that amuse or interest me. I am 25 years old and living in Iowa City, IA with my wife and loving every moment of it. I'm an English major at the University of Iowa with a focus on creative writing. I love reading books and comics, writing fiction (especially fantasy), collecting old books and books with interesting inscriptions in them, watching all sorts of movies, playing video games (PS3 ID: TessionTG, PC - Steam: Swenny), hockey (Buffalso Sabres, Minnesota Wild and the Iowa Wild, and the St. Louis Blues).

What subjects will you see here: Anime, manga, comic books, super heroes, video games, rpgs, jrpgs, books, fantasy fiction, science fiction, creative writing, maybe some of my own fiction if I muster up the courage to share, favorite quotes, hockey, maybe some personal views of mine, art, illustrations (those that I find worth sharing and tend to be fantasy/sci-fi), concept art (for video games, books, comics, etc), things relating to Iowa/Iowa City,aaaand some other stuff but that is most of it.
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2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Eastern Conference Quarters.   (The West is on it’s way!)


Amazing video


if i knew my tax dollars were going towards the creation of a jaeger, i would never complain. ever.

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Tidus looking at the city of Luca.

Yuna performing the sending for the fallen townsfolk of Kilika.

Sin taking out Kilika. :(

Chocobo power!

Hi there!

Time for some blitzball!


No… just no. Damn you Brandon Sanderson, I’m only 10% through this book and I’m already an emotional mess


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Pleased to announce our newest book arts acquisition: 

The Deep by Kevin Steele.


"The Deep is a tribute to maritime folklore and tradition developed over centuries of nautical exploration… [It] is a circular accordion pop-up book which unfolds to an oversized eight-point compass rose. The compass, arguably the sailor’s most valuable instrument, not only enables accurate navigation but brings good luck, ensuring safe passage home and protecting against a watery end in the Deep.”

Visit the artist’s website, for many more beautiful views of this work and additional description!

If you want to take a look in person just stop by the desk in our reading room and our librarians will probably offer a bit of assistance.  I particularly recommend getting a group together and stopping by since it is a great one to gather around. 

See it in the catalog:

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Due out on ABKCO Records, the box set will include 10 soundtracks, including Seu Jorge’s Portugese language reworkings of David Bowie songs for The Life Aquatic.”

Reading Marvel’s Runaways and I am really enjoying it. I am especially liking Bruiser. 


Some folks might remember that I got my favorite part of Middle Earth tattooed on my head a while ago, but now there’s more! The whole side has been done that stretches all the way to Erebor, and I’m not even done yet. 

(Many continuous thanks to Ed Dempsey in Woodstock, Ny)

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