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A Tumblr with no central theme except to share things that amuse or interest me. I am 25 years old and living in Iowa City, IA with my wife and loving every moment of it. I'm an English major at the University of Iowa with a focus on creative writing. I love reading books and comics, writing fiction (especially fantasy), collecting old books and books with interesting inscriptions in them, watching all sorts of movies, playing video games (PS3 ID: TessionTG, PC - Steam: Swenny), hockey (Buffalso Sabres, Minnesota Wild and the Iowa Wild, and the St. Louis Blues).

What subjects will you see here: Anime, manga, comic books, super heroes, video games, rpgs, jrpgs, books, fantasy fiction, science fiction, creative writing, maybe some of my own fiction if I muster up the courage to share, favorite quotes, hockey, maybe some personal views of mine, art, illustrations (those that I find worth sharing and tend to be fantasy/sci-fi), concept art (for video games, books, comics, etc), things relating to Iowa/Iowa City,aaaand some other stuff but that is most of it.
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