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26 years old.
2 cats.
Iowa native.
Living in Eagle Lake, MN (right outside Mankato, MN).
Writer of fantasy fiction - hoping to one day be a published author.
Enjoys reading, writing, comic books, anime, manga, video games (PS3, PS Vita, 3DS, & PC), Sci-fi and fantasy, 90s cartoons, and hockey (Minnesota/Iowa Wild, St. Louis Blues, and Buffalo Sabres).
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Hollywood, this is Codex Alera - a book series by Jim Butcher. Why don’t you two come together and make something wonderful? 

Stay true to the books and have awesome CGI for the furies (elemental Pokemon basically - what the furies are based off of actually, so Pokemon fans should read these books) and I’m sure you’ll make a lot of money.  

Warning: A lot of people think the first book isn’t that great, but if you continue reading the books you will not regret it. They are amazing.


So thats what his point of view looks like

(via skatoon-network)



I can have, yes?

oh my


Clearly done on photoshop but still pretty ace!