T.G. Swenson

A Tumblr with no central theme except to share things that amuse or interest me.
26 years old.
2 cats.
Iowa native.
Living in Eagle Lake, MN (right outside Mankato, MN).
Writer of fantasy fiction - hoping to one day be a published author.
Enjoys reading, writing, comic books, anime, manga, video games (PS3, PS Vita, 3DS, & PC), Sci-fi and fantasy, 90s cartoons, and hockey (Minnesota/Iowa Wild, St. Louis Blues, and Buffalo Sabres).
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It’s kinda awkward when a giant squid gives you “come hither” looks, but those are definitely bedroom eyes.

Only 5 reblogs on my competition post so far…I now only randomly have to select who doesn’t win. So get rebloggin’ guys!

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