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26 years old.
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Iowa native.
Living in Eagle Lake, MN (right outside Mankato, MN).
Writer of fantasy fiction - hoping to one day be a published author.
Enjoys reading, writing, comic books, anime, manga, video games (PS3, PS Vita, 3DS, & PC), Sci-fi and fantasy, 90s cartoons, and hockey (Minnesota/Iowa Wild, St. Louis Blues, and Buffalo Sabres).
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My 3 characters in the Destiny beta.
The female awoken is a warlock and my main.
The male exo is a Titan.
And lastly, the male human is the hunter (really wish I could change his voice actor to one with a heavy Russian accent).
Loving the game so far and can’t wait to upgrade to the ps4 and get the game in September!

Edwinn, my Breton mage, in action.
I am enjoying conjuration quite a bit. 

You’re Doing It Wrong" by Ctrl+Alt+Del

Ni no Kuni Wizard’s Edition came this week! Best purchase I’ve ever made!

While playing this game, I just want to watch every single Studio Ghibli film at the same time. It is amazing and worth purchasing a PS3 for.  

To those who got their copies cancelled, I am so sorry! I think they should definitely give you what you ordered. I don’t care if I would have to wait months for it, I’d take that over what you are getting. 

Finally!!! Took me forever but I finally got all my familiars to level 99 in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Helps that I can finally play it on the Vita and got to work on it on the bus on my way to school.

Now to continue onto the second half of the game. *Enters Dracula’s upside-down castle* (Taken with Instagram)

If you are a lover of anime from Studio Ghibli, get a PS3 for this. The game is co-developed by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli. 

Expand the Ni no Kuni Collector’s Edition by Pre-Ordering

Currently pre-orders of the Wizard’s Edition get: 

  • 300+ page hard cover book called the Wizard’s Companion
  • A plush doll of Drippy, Oliver’s guide in Ni no Kuni
  • DLC familiars, Golden Mite and Golden Drongo
  • And more with the program Ninostarter. The more pre-orders for the Wizard’s Edition at Club Namco, additional items become unlocked.
PS3 exclusive (sorry Nintendo 3DS/DS - maybe it will become available later) released in North America January 22, 2013. *sigh* The wait for this game is going to be tough. 

vector cannons ready

(via nihilite)

So happy I spent the money to join PS+

Legend of Dragoon coming to PSN May 1st! Finally!!!


XSEED will be bringing the free-roaming samurai action adventure game Way Of The Samurai 4 to North America via the Playstation Network. The Way Of The Samurai series is most notable for its unprecedented amount of freedom that it gives to the player to create whatever kind of character they…

Sucks it is download only but I’m still really happy that I’ll get to play it finally! Thank you XSEED!

"Never have I felt more connected to a total stranger."

Amisten replies:

$15 bucks for an hour long game. If someone would have told me this I would have been really skeptical about buying it. However, no one told me and the graphics looked cool so I got it.

Let me tell you in that hour, I haven’t been that awe struck since half-life 2. I teared up at the end of a game with no spoken words; that should tell you something. This game is nothing short of magical and I’d pencil it in as Game Of The Year without blinking.

So do yourself a huge favor- don’t watch any videos on it, skip eating out tonight, and just buy it. You’ll come out ahead. Replay value is very high.

Note: If you actually take time to explore and find the collectibles then it will take you longer than an hour. I think maybe around 2.5 hours is about right.