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A Tumblr with no central theme except to share things that amuse or interest me. I am 25 years old and living in Iowa City, IA with my wife and loving every moment of it. I'm an English major at the University of Iowa with a focus on creative writing. I love reading books and comics, writing fiction (especially fantasy), collecting old books and books with interesting inscriptions in them, watching all sorts of movies, playing video games (PS3 ID: TessionTG, PC - Steam: Swenny), hockey (Buffalso Sabres, Minnesota Wild and the Iowa Wild, and the St. Louis Blues).

What subjects will you see here: Anime, manga, comic books, super heroes, video games, rpgs, jrpgs, books, fantasy fiction, science fiction, creative writing, maybe some of my own fiction if I muster up the courage to share, favorite quotes, hockey, maybe some personal views of mine, art, illustrations (those that I find worth sharing and tend to be fantasy/sci-fi), concept art (for video games, books, comics, etc), things relating to Iowa/Iowa City,aaaand some other stuff but that is most of it.
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Tidus looking at the city of Luca.

Hi there!

St. Louis Blues logos to hang up on your home’s wall in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Shirts to come later.
Let’s go Blues!

Staying up much later than I should playing this:

Made another portrait for my library in Animal Crossing. This time I went with one of my favorite fantasy authors, Jim Butcher! Author of the fantastic series The Dresden Files and Codex Alera.

P.s. Please return to Codex Alera.

For my third author’s portrait for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I decided to go with George R. R. Martin. 


Got my copy of Pandora’s Tower today! Thank you Operation Rainfall for the hard work you put in to show that America wants gems like these to be available to us! Also, thank you XSEED Games for bringing us The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. You’ve definitely become my favorite game company with bringing those and all the many other games that no one would (Way of the Samurai 4 as one example - was dying to play it and you brought it). These 3 games have made the Wii a console worth owning and I hope Nintendo gets their act together and brings us more of what we want (another printing of Xenoblade would be great for those unfortunate enough to not get a copy - going for $100+ online - or to make these and other great games available digitally). Enjoy your journey in the Thirteen Towers everyone!

Edwinn, my Breton mage, in action.
I am enjoying conjuration quite a bit. 

You’re Doing It Wrong" by Ctrl+Alt+Del

Ni no Kuni Wizard’s Edition came this week! Best purchase I’ve ever made!

While playing this game, I just want to watch every single Studio Ghibli film at the same time. It is amazing and worth purchasing a PS3 for.  

To those who got their copies cancelled, I am so sorry! I think they should definitely give you what you ordered. I don’t care if I would have to wait months for it, I’d take that over what you are getting. 

I’ve been playing The Last Story on my Wii lately. Game is sooooo good! Have yet to play multiplayer but I think I’ll be giving it a try tonight. 

I hope I’ll soon be able to play Pandora’s Tower. I read that the Wii U will have backwards compatibility for Wii games, so why isn’t it being made here yet!?

Finally!!! Took me forever but I finally got all my familiars to level 99 in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Helps that I can finally play it on the Vita and got to work on it on the bus on my way to school.

Now to continue onto the second half of the game. *Enters Dracula’s upside-down castle* (Taken with Instagram)

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Wizard’s Edition Preorder Goal #1 met!
So on top of all the other goodies we now get five 6” by 9” premium prints. And they are giving us a bonus of a Special Music Selection CD. 

On top of all this they extended the Ninostarter promotion AND now it is available in Canada.

So preorder here and lets get goal #2, which is a Ni no Kuni Wizard’s coin (I need this so preorder!).


My piece for the Fangamer VS Attract Mode show! Its Dark Souls/Studio Ghibli.




the real reason behind the mars landing
don’t believe the official story
its all lies




the real reason behind the mars landing

don’t believe the official story

its all lies